Ira (Irina) Storozhenko

Ira  Storozhenko is a Russian filmmaker based in Los Angeles. 

Ira spent her early years studying music. She plays oboe, piano and drums. At the age of 10 Ira began to study acting. When Ira turned 17, she applied into the directing program in the world’s oldest film school, The Russian State University of Cinematography (VGIK) and was accepted as one of the youngest students.

Ira started her career in film with a documentary when she was just 17 years old. Until this day, she finds the biggest inspiration for her movies in the stories of real people.Lover of psychology, Ira is also very interested in non-fiction, nature and ancient history. 

Ira’s documentary movies have attracted attention in Russia ; Ira’s narrative shorts  have been played in many local and international film festivals. Ira enjoys exploring complex characters and telling character-driven authentic stories, and is currently pursuing her MFA degree in Directing at the AFI Conservatory.

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